Proposal for new creative hub in Pokesdown

As some of you know I have a shop/studio in Pokesdown that never really took off so I’m looking to create something new there.

This will be run as a business but I’m looking at charging minimal rates with concessions for students and those on a low income and also look at alternative methods of income such as grants and sponsorship to create an affordable, creative space for all.

The basement is currently photography / video studio while upstairs is an empty shop. I would like to the creative people of Pokesdown/Southbourne/Boscombe to let me know their opinions on some of the following ideas I have for this shop and let me know any ideas they may have themselves.

  • Creative hub in the shop part of the premises with “desks to rent” from just a few pounds a day, no commitment, just book a desk for a day/week and turn up. You can bring your own laptop and connect to our wireless or we can provide PCs with a range of paid and open source creative software such as Blender, GIMP etc. We will limit usage to the creative and technical arts to create a creative environment where collaboration flourishes.
  • Green Screen video /live broadcast studio. The studio is already set up to film green screen footage and we have After Effects available to create great visual effects. Customers will be able to create professional looking content for YouTube or other video sites. We are also in the process of setting up the ability to do live web broadcasts using green screens, so if anyone wants to start a weekly live broadcast come and see us!
  • Screening room. We have a 115″ projection with a full 1080p 3D projector set up in the studio which will allow film makers and other visual medium artists to showcase their work on a the large screen!
  • Pop up cinema. I’m currently in discussions with the MPLC about using the basement as a Cinema a few nights of the month. The cinema will show a variety of films and I’m looking at having “themed” nights or perhaps a cinema club where we choose a classic film once a month and afterwards head to Chaplin’s for a beer and a discussion around the film. The cinema would be limited to around 20 people and tickets would have to cost around £10. (MPLC fees are quite high!). We will also hire the cinema out for private parties at weekends and evenings. The screen is 115″ and we already have a HD projector which looks great!
  • Studio/Education/Space hire. We will also rent the studio space out for local artists and teachers to provide 1-1 or group lessons by the hour. I’m thinking people like guitar (and of course Ukulele) teachers, people with craft skills, photographers and videographers. Basically anyone who requires a space to teach in that has something to do with the arts.
  • Giant immersive gaming screen! OK, this ones for me! I’m currently building a 4m wide, 150 degree screen for immersive gaming. This system uses 2/3 projectors linked together (I already have 2 high quality projectors for this set-up).  I’m looking at renting this set-up in our studio by the hour or on customers sites by the day for a unique entertainment experience.

OK, so what I’m looking for from the local community is some feedback on the above; if I build it will you come? The expensive stuff (cameras, screens, projectors, computers etc.) are already purchased but there is still a lot of stuff to buy such as desks, seating etc. And to be honest there is a lot of work to be done painting and decorating along with sorting the floors and ceiling in the main shop.

I’m also looking for any cheap (or even better free) stuff like desks, carpet tiles etc. so if anyone knows anyone that’s having a clear out of stuff we could use. I’m not after a pristine design environment but I think somewhere nice and tidy will make a much nicer working environment.

Finally anyone with DIY skills that would be interested in trading their time for free hire of any of the above let me know, I can do a few things myself but my DIY skills aren’t my strongest talents!


The Studio!